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Key Identification

I typed in my number, but nothing comes up?

Ensure you are typing in your whole key number without any spaces. Take out any manufacturer names or key blank i.e. “LF 78450” or “LF58R 78 450” will just be “78450”.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for, simply email a clear picture of the existing key, or the lock face if the key is missing, to or give us a phone on 01750 720745 and you can even use our live chat and we will do our best to assist you.

On one side of the keyhole it says 18 but on the other side is 3 more numbers. Which type of key do I need as two options have come up?

There are two main types of office furniture key that use the range 18001-18999.The most common type is the L&F England range. On the original key the full key number is stamped, e.g. 18450. But on the lock face the replacement key number might be stamped 18 on one side and 450 on the other, or in some cases just 123.

The Other type is MLM where the lock number is stamped all on the same line on the lock.

This is illustrated below in the pictures

lowe and fletcher lockMLM Lock

My key has a black plastic head, but your picture doesn’t show one.

Occasionally the manufacturer will supply these keys with a plastic fob.We supply the compatible key blanks that are recommended by the manufacture for use.

All my locker key numbers start with CC, can you supply that type of key?

There are two common types of keys starting with CC.

The Ronis WSS Series is a very common locker key, ranging from CC001 to CC2000. The Markings on the lock are sometimes very hard to make out as can be seen in photo below. If you have any doubt then simply email us a clear photo of the lock and we will be happy to assist.

If yours has a black plastic head, then is mostly likely the CyberLock CC Range.

The Cyber Lock Range is from CC0001 to CC0999. Sometimes the CC will be stamped below the actual number. It will always start with a 0, in addition they’re is usually an M1 stamped on the side of the lock.

ronis cc lockcyber-lock

If you are unsure which key you need, send a picture of your lock face or key to or use the live chat and one of the team will happily help you out

There is no number stamped on the lock face, can you help?

Sometimes manufacturers streamline their processes and don’t stamp the key number on their lock faces, We may be able to supply replacement keys for these locks, if you could post us the lock we hopefully can cut keys to the to the lock. Or email a clear picture to and we will advise accordingly.